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Fish Health Surveillance

The Marine Institute runs a national risk-based health surveillance programme for fin-fish and shellfish in accordance with Directive 2006/88/EC.

Other health surveillance programmes are implemented as required under the Fish Health Directive.

To date, three targeted surveillance programmes have been implemented under Directive 2006/88/EC: 

Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) - Completed 2013: Ireland has now been declared to be free from KHV thereby giving the highest health status in Europe with respect to this disease (Category I status as defined in Fish Health Directive 2006/88/EC). Read more here.

Oyster Herpes Virus OsHV1 uvar - Ongoing: A Programme for early detection of Oyster Herpes Virus - OsHV1-uvar. Read more here.

Bonamia ostreae - Ongoing surveillance programme for Bonamia ostreaRead more here.

In addition, active surveillance is also carried out by means of the regular on-site inspection programme operated under the risk based surveillance scheme and as a result of the obligation on farmers to report increased unexplained mortalities.