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Fish Health News

Update on Crayfish Plague in Ireland

Crayfish Plague is recognised as a very significant threat to the survival of the globally threatened white-clawed crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes, which is the only crayfish species native to Ireland. Crayfish plague is a highly infectious lethal disease caused by a fungal-like organism, Aphanomyces astaci, which infects white-clawed crayfish and can cause up to 100% mortality. The latest information on the presence of crayfish plague in Ireland can be found here.

Recent Outbreak of Koi Herpesvirus disease (KHV)

An outbreak of Koi Herpesvirus in Koi Carp was recently confirmed by the Marine Institute in a private garden pond in the Midlands.

BREXIT NOTICE: Importing from the UK in the event of a No-Deal Brexit

Information on the potential impacts of a no-deal Brexit on the import of live animals and animal products.

Best Practice Guidelines for Pacific Oyster Producers for the 2017 Season

The best practice guidelines for Pacific Oyster Producers for the 2017 Season is available.