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Exporting to Great Britain

If you export fish or shellfish to Great Britain (England, Scotland Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) but have not previously required animal health certification, please contact the Fish Health Unit at

Animal Health requirements for export of live fish and shellfish to Great Britain.

UK Importer

  1. The UK importer is required to pre-notify the UK Authorities of the intended import of through their Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS), which assigns a Unique Notification Number (UNN) to the consignment.
  2. The UK importer then provides the Unique Notification Number (UNN) to the Irish Exporter.

Irish Exporter

  1. The Irish operator or agent notifies the Marine Institute of their intention to export to Great Britain via the Fish Health website at least five days in advance. The exporter must provide the UNN(s) to the Marine Institute in their export application.
  2. Marine Institute organises a health inspection of the consignment by a DAFM Veterinary Inspector. This inspection may take place up to 72 hours prior to departure.
  3. If all is in order with the consignment a health certificate will be issued by the Veterinary Inspector.
  4. The original signed and stamped health certificate should travel with the consignment