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New EU Animal Health Law – from April 21st 2021

25 Mar 2021

The new EU Animal Health Regulation 2016/429 applies from April 21st 2021. The Regulation lays down rules for the prevention and control of animal diseases which are transmissible to animals or humans.

The new Regulation retains successful concepts from the previous Directive 2006/88/EC with some additions and improvements.

The Fish Health Unit are working to ensure smooth implementation of this new regulation and will soon be communicating any changes that apply to relevant aquaculture operators to ensure continued compliance.

Aquaculture operators and establishments who are currently authorised under Directive 2006/88/EC shall automatically be deemed as approved under the new regulation. Such operators and establishments will therefore be subject to the relevant obligations provided for under the new Animal Health Regulation (by Article 279 of 2016/429).

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