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UK Landbridge: Movements for human consumption, processing

15 Dec 2020

Animal health requirements for live fish or shellfish moving through the UK Landbridge for consumption or further processing in the EU.

Health Certificate for UK Authority

  1. The UK Authorities have indicated that health certification is required for live shellfish transiting the Landbridge However, at the time of writing the full requirements for health certification by the UK authorities remain uncertain and may be subject to change.
  2. Regardless of the arrangements, operators or their agents must notify the Marine Institute of their intention to move animals at least 3 working days in advance of the intended movement via .
  3. Following notification of the intended movement the Marine Institute will post a signed and stamped health certificate to the operator or agent. Alternative arrangements for collecting the health certificate may also be made. This health certificate is required by the UK authorities and must accompany the consignment during transit.

Requirements for Entry into France

  1. For entry in to France a Common Health Entry Document for Products (CHED-P) will need to be completed electronically on TRACES NT. This can be completed by the operator, agent or importer. The Marine Institute has no role to play in CHED-P notification on TRACES NT.    

Further information on the use of TRACES NT can be found on the website at

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