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UK Landbridge: Moving live fish/shellfish to mainland Europe via Great Britain

11 Mar 2021

Animal Health requirements for movements of live fish/shellfish to continental Europe through the UK Landbridge for on-growing, farming, depuration or relaying.

Marine Institute notification and TRACES Classic certificate

  1. The operator/or agent notifies the Marine Institute of the movement at least three days in advance of the intended movement date. Notifications should be made via our online movement-application system. Operators can register to use the online application by emailing  
  2. The Marine institute completes an Intra-EU trade certificate electronically on TRACES on behalf of the operator or agent.
  3. The Marine Institute sends a copy of the Intra-EU trade certificate by email to the operator or agent. This certificate should be printed and accompany the consignment during the journey.

Health Certificate for UK Authority

  1. The UK Authorities have indicated in the past that animal health certification will be required for live shellfish transiting the Landbridge. However, at the time of writing the full requirements for health certification by the UK authorities remain uncertain and may be subject to change. Until further notice the UK authorities have indicated separate health certification for live shellfish for on-growing or farming are not required.

Requirements for Entry into France

  1. For entry in to France a Common Health Entry Document for Animals (CHED-A) will need to be completed electronically on TRACES NT. This must be completed by the person responsible for the consignment which can be the operator, agent or importer. The Intra-EU certificate reference number (e.g. INTRA.IE.2021.0123456) is required to be entered onto the CHED-A form. The Marine Institute has no role to play in CHED-A notification on TRACES NT.

NB: To access TRACES NT, you must first register as an importer/exporter with the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (DAFM) who will then initiate your TRACES NT registration. 

Further information on the use of TRACES can be found on the website at