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Notification of Mortalities


Unexplained increased mortality needs to be notified to the Marine Institute for investigation. This should be done by one of the following ways:

  • Marine salmonids
  • Login using you username and password and complete the on-line Increased Mortality Report function.
  • All other operators:
  • Email
  • Phone the FHU Office 091-387200
  • Send a fax to 091-387201



Details of all fish which die on site must be recorded.

Where these records indicate that levels are unexplained and are above what would be recognised as normal ‘background levels’, the event should be notified to a veterinary practice competent to deal with fish health issues.

According to Council Directive 2006/88/EC, where such investigations either (i) indicate the suspicion/ confirmation of the presence of a listed disease or (ii) where no diagnosis has been reached within a reasonable timeframe, the Fish Health Unit should be notified.

In addition, according to the Farmed Salmonid Health Handbook where mortality levels on marine salmon sites exceed 1% for fish >750g in weight or 1.5% for fish <750g in weight, reporting is also required.

Mortalities should be recorded in a format that contains at least the following information:

  • Date dead fish removed
  • Cage/pond/ tank no. fish removed from
  • No. of fish removed
  • Total no. of fish in each cage/pond/ tank
  • Observations
  • Comments (runts; failed smolts; predator damage; gill damage; skin lesions; etc.)


Details of all increased mortalities should be recorded in the Statutory Record Book provided by the Marine Institute.

Where mortalities at a given point in the production cycle are significantly above what would be expected under prevailing conditions, they should be notified to the Marine Institute.

For C.gigas related mortalities, trigger reporting levels have been introduced which are as follows:

  • Seed – report at 30% or above
  • Half-grown – report at 10% or above
  • Adults – report at 10% or above

These mortalities can be reported by sending a text message to 087 184 7285 or by contacting

The following information should be included:

  • Details of mortality levels
  • Age class of affected stock(s)
  • Your name
  • Company/Site name

If a sample is requested, please follow our Shellfish Sampling Protocol (447KB, .pdf)



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