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Fish Health Approval

Fish Health Approval

If you operate one of the following types of aquaculture establishments, you must obtain Fish Health Approval (FHA) from the Marine Institute in compliance with the EU Animal Health Regulation.

Type of Aquaculture Establishment Link to Apply for FHA
Fish, mollusc or crustacean farm Online Application
Aquaculture processing business which carries out sanitary slaughter Online Application
Purification or dispatch centre Submit Application Form to
Treatment Vessels Submit Application Form to
Quarantine facility Online Application
Commercial aquarium Online Application
Ornamental fish wholesaler Online Application

Public registers of approved establishments are published here by the Marine Institute.

Fish Health Approval is a requirement under Article 176 of the EU Animal Health Regulation 2016/429



Operators of Put and Take Fisheries are required to register under Article 172 of Regulation (EU) 2016/429 with the Marine Institute prior to commencing activities on site by completing and submitting this application form.

All Wellboats and Specialist Transporters must also be registered with the Marine Institute, please contact to request an application form.


Please contact if you have any queries on Fish Health Approval or Registration.