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Irish Aquaculture Production Businesses

Irish Aquaculture Production image

The Aquaculture Businesses listed in the Registers here below have obtained Fish Health Authorisation from the Marine Institute. All Registers are published and presented in accordance with the models outlined in COMMISSION DECISION 2008/392/EC of 30 April 2008 implementing Council Directive 2006/88/EC as regards an Internet-based information page to make information on aquaculture production businesses and authorised processing establishments available by electronic means. All Registers are updated as necessary.


Finfish Aquaculture Production Businesses - Last updated 16th January 2020

Put and Take Aquaculture Production Businesses - Last Updated 12th March 2020

Mollusc Aquaculture Production Businesses - Last updated 20th May 2021

Crustacean Aquaculture Production Business - Last updated 11th February 2021

Authorised Processing Establishments-Last Updated 17th April 2012 

Register of Approved Aquaculture Transporters - Last updated 6th April 2020