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Gill Health Initiative

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The Presentations, agenda (including a list of attendees) and the points raised in the open discussion on knowledge gaps and research needs can be downloaded from the following links.  

With support provided by the Marine Institute and funded under the Marine Research Sub-programme by the Irish Government, co-financed by the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund.

Agenda & Attendees- 3 Gill Health Initiative Meeting - GMIT - 16-17 April 2015

Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs - Discussion


AGD research at the University of Tasmania B. Nowak (Univ. Tasmania)

The use of field diagnostic qPCR in gill health monitoring Alan Dykes Fishguard/Europharma)

Improving fish health with OceanFeed Simon Faulkner (Oceanharvest)

Paramoeba perurans: isolation, phenotypic and genotypic characterisation- Renate Johansen (Pharmaq Analytic)

Regional Updates

Gill disease issues in Norway-Anne-Gerd Gjevre (Norwegian Veterinary Institute)

Gill diseases in Ireland Mar Marcos Lopez (Vet Aqua International)

Gill diseases in Scotland  - Iain Berrill (SSPO)

Update from Tasmania- Christine Huynh (Tassal)

Gill diseases in the Faroe Islands  - Anja Kass Olsen (HFS)

Gill diseases in salmon farming in Spain - Juan Barja (Univ. Santiago de Compostela)


Development of a gill score guide for the salmon industry - Richard Taylor (CSIRO)

Treating gill diseases with freshwater: water chemistry and considerations in tarpaulins and wellboats - Mark Powell (NIVA)

Depth distribution of amoeba within a cage and effects of freshwater treatments  Frode Oppedal (Institute of Marine Research)

From contractile vacuoles to pseudocyst formation: adaptation mechanisms for survival in the marine parasitic amoeba Paramoeba perurans -Paula Lima (CSIRO)

After 30 years of AGD and associated R&D, why are we still freshwater bathing? Mat Cook (CSIRO)

Selective Breeding

Genomic selection for AGD resistance in a pedrigree breeding programme - Alastair Hamilton (Hendrix Genetics)

Genetic parameters for AGD resistance in Atlantic salmon - Marie Lillehammer (NOFIMA)

The Parafishcontrol project - James Bron (Stirling University)

Longitudinal study of AGD on a marine Atlantic salmon farm in Ireland - Jamie Downes (Marine Institute/GMIT)

Development of new diagnostic assays - Richard Paley (CEFAS)

Longitudinal study of AGD on three Atlantic salmon farms in Norway - Sigurd Hytterød (Norwegian Veterinary Institute)