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Bonamia ostreae Surveillance

Bonamia ostreae is a parasite that affects the native oyster Ostrea edulis. The Marine Institute tests annually for the presence of Bonamia ostreae in surveillance areas. Samples are taken from surveillance areas and tested using cytological techniques to determine the health status of the bay from which the samples were taken. Over the past 25 years, Bonamia ostreae has been detected in a number of bays in Ireland including:

  • Lough Foyle
  • Lough Swilly
  • Blacksod Bay
  • Achill Sound
  • Clew Bay
  • Ballinakill Bay
  • Kilkieran / Casheen Bay
  • Galway Bay
  • Cork Harbour


Bonamia ostreae Infected Areas in Ireland

Bonamia ostreae Infected Areas